About  HB:HM
Healthy Body : Healthy Mind creates products to assist you and our planet in becoming better in every way.  HB:HM is dedicated to bringing about positive change into the world, one person at a time.  And, you can help. 

In turn, HB:HM assists you in becoming better, healthier and more productive in a life that can surpass your own expectations.   Our products help you on an interpersonal level while also providing you with your everyday needs. 

HB:HM products includes all natural products that you use on a daily basis.  Some of these products are soap, candles, clothing, furniture, motivational recordings and self-help recordings.  HB:HM gives back a portion of these proceeds to help our planet and secure its future.

You can do your part while bettering yourself with our products.  Becoming loyal to HB:HM products will not only protect our planet by only using natural and biodegradable resources, but it will also contribute to the conservation and preservation of our planet in many ways. And, we can show you how.
Healthy Body : Healthy Mind embraces the idea that people worldwide are becoming more aware of themselves and their environment.  As we evolve and come about to a global understanding of “oneness” and unity, walls fall down, cultures unite and preservation and conservation becomes more of a focus.  Also, with the understanding of our environment, we emerge with the understanding that we need to “help ourselves first, before we can help one another”.  Embracing this concept allows us to step forward and become healthier, happier and more free.   As an individual we have more supports, information and technology than ever before to help ourselves and become more self-sufficient. And, in doing so, we help our planet and the world around us. 

Pollutants, toxifying agents, trash, and deadly chemicals are pouring into our planet’s atmosphere every day.  These toxic agents deteriorate our planet, our environment and our bodies.  The only way to bring order to this chaos is to reverse the effects.
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