Healthy Body : Healthy Mind

Our products
will cover everything from which the body and mind can benefit.  From natural and organic soaps and lotions to beautiful clothing designed with only natural fabrics and fibers to CDs and DVDs that improve your personal life. 

HB:HM wants to be your world conscious and health conscious solution to purchasing products that help you and our environment.  We are dedicated to enriching you as an inhabitant of this planet as well as creating solutions to save our planet for generations to come.

Our new lines of products will be in Bath & Body, Clothing and our Home Collection.  These products represent the best in quality.  Once you experience these products you will make them a part of your life for years to come. 

Remember, balance the mind, body and spirit to obtain optimum health for yourself and the world around you.

US $25    HB:HM T-Shirt
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US $40   HB:HM  Tote Bag
Our Best Seller!!  Functional, and 100% Organic Cotton
Get your Tote Bag today!!
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US  $30  Black HB:HM Cap
The perfect compliment to using our products.  
Let everyone know you are a dedicated supporter of
Healthy Body : Healthy Mind

US  $8.00  for 8 oz. bottle of our Famous "Wasabi Shower Gel"
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Men's Soap
  -  Organic and Handmade

Starting at $3.50 per bar


Coming Soon!!

Our Pet Supplies and Products will be released soon.  Natural, Organic and biodegradable supplies and products will be available for your pets.  HB:HM is dedicated to bringing you the best products for the best value. 

Gift  Baskets

For family, friends, clients and business associates.

HB:HM Gift Baskets are exclusively packaged with all natural and organic materials when it comes to the body and mindHealthy Body : Healthy Mind presents a compilation of products that soothe and care for the body, mind and soul.  The CD programs are chosen because of their high quality and relaxing sounds.  They are a perfect compliment to your spa time at home or at your special place.   The products are selected from top quality manufacturers the we believe represent our mission to bring you the very best in quality and substance.

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