Our Future

Mission Statement
HB:HM is devoted to conserving and supporting individuals and our planet in the healthiest ways possible.  We understand that human impact on this planet has taken an amazing toll.  Our environment and planet are now affecting its inhabitants.  But, we also realize that we can live in harmony and unification with our planet.  We commit ourselves, our brand and our supporters to bring about healthy, positive change to our Earth as well as all of its inhabitants. 
How can you help?

Healthy Body : Healthy Mind is a brand and a concept.  We are supported by people just like you.  You can support us by purchasing and using our products.  You can support us by wearing, supporting and using our brand name products. 

In doing so, our products get the word out throughout the world, that we as the human inhabitants of our planet are taking responsibility.  Our money, research, support and lobbying are geared toward helping individuals just like you live a happier, healthier life for today, tomorrow and many years to come.

An example of our giving back to the planet is that we plant or replace any tree that we may take to provide products or education.  We provide educational resources to children and adults about the impact we have on our planet, and teach responsibility, conservation and preservation.

Too many companies, because of corporate greed, have abused and degraded our planet by ripping out its natural resources for our short term luxury and convenience.  We are now paying the price around the world and will continue to do so, until we change our thinking and methodologies.  If you care about our planet and future generations, join us on this amazing journey to support, educate, grow, help, preserve and conserve the natural gifts and wonders that we have been entrusted.

Only by joining together and unifying can we bring our planet. natural and replenishable resources and cultures together.

We need your help! 
In turn, we promise to provide you with excellent resources, education, products and information to enhance your life.  We want to help you make your life better and improve the things that have value and meaning in your life.  In turn, we use what you offer us to give back and build a better planet and future for us and future generations.
HB:HM is an interactive public brand and vision.  We embrace everyone who accepts our mission statement and wants to create a better Earth for today, tomorrow and future generations. 

We cannot change the past, but we can change our future.  We are all responsible.  We can all make a difference; big or small.  We call on you to help and support HB:HM as a brand and as a concept.

In doing so, we can make a powerful change worldwide.  You can easily be a part.  By purchasing our products, donating and/or educating those around you about HB:HM you are doing your part. 

We as a company and strong vision will do our part to support the best interest of the most important inhabitants of our great planet Earth.  We commit ourselves to doing our part on all levels to support our planet and our people.

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